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New Mexico Radio Sales

New Mexico Radio Sales provides quality two way communication radios from Icom, Motorola and other fine companies. All professional Aeronauts understand the necessity to have quality radios and New Mexico Radio Sales is your best source for radios and accessories.

Aircraft Speaker Microphone

If you need a speaker mike for your Fiesta Icom A14, we now have them. This mike looks just like the one you received (except no Fiesta logo,) but is designed for the A14, and any other aircraft radio that has the 2 pin side microphone connector.  Icom charges over $80 for their microphone (it is for Aircraft, remember!) but you can get one for $36 plus shipping. These have to be special ordered, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.


Fiesta Speaker Microphone

Yes, this will not work in the aircraft radio you received. However, it is one of the best mikes you will find for almost any other Icom (and some Maxon) radios that have the mike jacks on the side.

If you need additional mikes, we have them.

Overrun Fiesta Special at $13 each, plus shipping.


Icom F3S 32 channel 4.5 watt

VHF Portable Radio

Brand New, but an older model. Limited stock. Complete with NiCad rechargeable battery and drop in charger. This radio uses a top speaker/mike jack, so the Fiesta mike will not fit! Sorry. Programming is included including Itinerant channels, NOAA weather, or whatever you wish. Please provide frequencies, PL tones/or DPL codes that you require. In addition to the normal belt clip, these radios have a lanyard attach point at the base of the antenna, so you won’t drop it overboard!

Original list price $325, balloonist special $140.